Monday, June 16, 2008

I love this country.

Amongst the culture-shocked IMV expats, somehow Val and I have maintained our composure. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps the previous visit in February to acclimatize? Maybe my previous travels to Egypt and Jordan? Perhaps my previous exposure to hot weather in Spain or Trinidad? Although, to be fair, only Egypt compares to the heat. Having constant company is nice. Or maybe it’s because we’re young. I don’t know the answer. All I know is this place is awesome.

Sure, things are done a little differently in the UAE than in Canada. Yesterday, the search for a mattress was futile. The intentions of staying in my new villa are coming to fruition and I’m not going to sleep on the floor. IKEA, Home Centre, Carrefour… no mattresses in stock? Delivery in two weeks? You kidding me? I was on my way to Carrefour to buy an inflatable mattress and then wait until Friday or next week for a real one, but decided to check out the small, local furniture shop across from work.

Curt: You have mattresses for sale?
Samer: Yes. What size?
Curt: 180 x 200
Samer: How about that one?
Curt: Cool, that’s a mattress alright. How much?
Samer: 650 DHS
(Note that this is an average mattress price, and a bordlerline good deal)
Curt: What about delivery and when can you deliver it?
Samer: It’s included. How about half an hour?
Curt: Sold.

Like I said, I love this country.

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